Rider Event Utrecht

Rozj Khorshid woke up at 04:30 the morning to check the temperature of the big piece of pork he was going to slow cook that same day in order to make it pulled pork. That same moment, Harald was probably enjoying his well deserved sleep since he was organizing the rider event, starting at 3PM in Utrecht. The 16th of June was a day all riders in Utrecht had been looking forward too and luckily for them, the sun started to shine when the event had started.

When arriving at the park Chef Rozj was already cooking some fresh vegetables on the BBQ and was preparing his first dish of the evening: lamb kebab on some flatbread with Greek Yoghurt, tarragon and vegetables. In the meanwhile Harald was dressed up as our favourite animal, a kangaroo, and made sure everybody was having a good time. Some brought their guitars and played music, others played jeu de boules or played with the frisbee. The vibe was amazing and very sympathetic! After grilling some home-marinated pieces of chicken, Rozj amazed everyone with his marinated and slow cooked pulled pork. The Event was a success: at one point Harald counted 35 people at the event! Later at night a campfire was made and marshmallows were melted in the fire, a nice and cozy way to end the night.

We can say that the Rider Community in Utrecht is one of the closest communities we have seen so far. We encourage you all to stay in touch with each other, because it’s so much fun! We want to thank Harald for organizing everything and Rozj for being a great chef and of course all riders for their enthusiasm during the event.