Amin Firdaus

Working as deliveroo rider is fun. It has flexible time that really suit me as a student. Mostly I work in the evening after studying but when I am free I also take ‘swap’ in the afternoon. On the other hand, I can trade my shift whenever I could not work for some reason. Another reason which makes me enjoy working with Deliveroo is its salary and incentives. For me the money I’ve got is more than enough as student and expatriate here. My salary from deliveroo is even bigger than my living allowance from my scholarship sponsor. So, from that money I can save and send it to my family in Indonesia.
What I also love when working as a Deliveroo rider is the valuable experience which I got. I can share my experience to the people who are going to live here how to work and survive here. In addition, I also have a story to be told to my children, family, and friends.