Linda van Loon, 30 years, freelancer at Deliveroo Den Bosch

Through an ad I got interested in Deliveroo. With a 32-hour office job I felt the need for a fun counterpart. ‘Isn’t this something for students?”, I remember myself thinking. Until I saw Deliveroo works with freelancers. About a year ago I started to work for myself with baby steps next to my current job and besides that I have performed as a musician, so applying as a self-employed rider was a small step. The flexibility in hours and being outside are the two factors that have persuaded me to do it. I already go to work with my bike, but for most of the time I am outside. Great to make some great cycling hours in the evening!

After a short training and receiving my gear and backpack, I started to work. I quickly got to know the people from the restaurants. The task is simple: bring an order as quickly as possible to customer’s doorstep. And they are happy to see you! Most of the people give tips, usually at the door. People also admire the fact you are delivering on a bicycle (“Did you seriously come by bike?”). And mine isn’t even that fancy, it’s an 18 year-old city bike, which was secondhand at the time I bought it. We are a good team anyway.