Questions about Payments

You’ll be paid twice a month: at the middle of the month (= advance) and at the end of the month or the very beginning of the new month (= regular salary).

Your advance on salary will be calculated on the 16th of the month, if this day is a working day (Monday to Friday). After calculating the advance it can take up to 3 working day to transfer the money to you. Depending on your bank it takes 1 or 2 working days before you receive this on your bank account (NOTE: You’ll only receive an advance on your salary from your second month with Deliveroo).

Your regular salary will be paid on the first Friday of the first complete workweek of the new month. This means that when the first of the month is on a Monday you’ll receive your salary on the next Friday latest. If the first of the month is on a Tuesday this process can take up to the Friday of the second week.

The advance does only consist of your driver hours and bonus per order. Other incomes (such as extra hours or compensations) that you receive from Deliveroo will be paid at the end of the month.

At the advance payment you’ll receive 70% of your hours worked and bonus per order. We reserve 30% of your salary due to tax complexities. For your worked hours, you’ll receive your gross wage per hour. Your vacation days and your vacation hours will be paid at the end of the month. You’ll be able to see this advance on your pay slip at the end of the month.

Your regular salary will be calculated by adding all your working activities and bonuses of the entire month and subtracting the advance on your salary of 70% from this. The calculation of this can be found on your payslip in your personal ‘Van Winssen’ account.

The advance payment is a service from Deliveroo to let riders enjoy their earnings sooner.

You can find your payslips in your personal ‘Van Winssen’ account. In this online environment you’ll be able to find all the payslips you have received since you started working at Deliveroo. This is also the place you will be able to find your annual report at the beginning of February.

Everybody should have received a personal invitation to create your Van Winssen account. Please check your spam folder. If you’ve not received this, please go to the Contact Form.

Please note: The invitation for your personal Van Winssen account is sent during the same time you receive your first payslip. Sending us an email before this point is useless.

The payroll tax reduction (=loonheffing) is a reduction on your wage taxes. This will make you keep more of your salary, because your employer has to pay less taxes. The components of this tax credit depend on the form of wages you pay and the employee’s age.

You can only apply for payroll tax reduction at only one job at a time. If you apply payroll tax reduction at multiple employers, you will receive too much reductions on your taxes. You would probably have to pay this amount back afterwards.

If you did not apply for loonheffingskorting in the first place but you wish to do so,please go to the Contact Form.

Tips will be personally paid out to you. You can see the amount of tips you received in the Driveroo app and in the e-mail you receive after completing an order. Therefore, you’ll be able to have a clear view on what you will receive in tips.

As you don’t have to pay taxes on tips they will not appear on your payslip. It is the difference what states on your payslip that you should receive and what you actually receive.

Each day you have the possibility to earn a bonus per order. You’ll start earning this bonus when you complete more orders than the total amount of hours worked during that day. This means if you worked 3 hours and completed 4 orders, you’ll receive a bonus per order of €1. If you however do 5 orders then you will receive a total bonus of €2.You’ll receive your bonus per order and the referrals at the end of the month together with your monthly salary. Bonus per order will be included with the advance payment of 70%.

Questions about shifts

We expect that you work the hours that you are scheduled. If you receive an order within your shift time which results in overtime. You have to follow this rule; overtime within 15 minutes will be automatically approved. If the delivery time of your last order results in >15 min of overtime. Please get in touch with Rider Support. Rider Support will make a note of it and Rider Management will make sure you get paid for it.

Normally this isn’t needed if Rider Support or Rider management didn’t asked for it. Would you still look at the possibility to work longer? Please get in touch with Rider Support before you start accepting orders. Without the permission of Rider support or Rider Management your overtime will not be paid out.


If your gear is broken, please send an email to [email protected]

When your gear is stolen, you’ll have to declare this to the police through this form: and next go to the Contact Form with proof of the declaration. We’ll then send you new gear as soon as possible.

Please go to the Contact Form and indicate which gear item you lost. We’ll then send you a link to the webshop where you can purchase this item.

Please be in touch with Rider Support in the Rider App. They will help you as soon as possible.

When you stop working for Deliveroo you can keep your gear.

Other questions

Please send create an absence request in Staffomatic.

When you’re involved in an accident the most important thing is your own health. Make sure you get the medical attention you need or get help from bystanders. If necessary call 112. If it’s possible let Rider Support know that you had an accident via Telegram on 06-49073968 or call them on 088-3354854. They will put you out of service and if you’re in the middle of an order they will make sure that it’s taken care of. If you’re unable to make a phone call or your phone is broken, try to let someone else make the call for you.

If there’s another party involved always make sure to get their details.

Always send an e-mail in the next days regarding the accident.

If a personal belonging got damaged during an accident, please let us know by send an e-mail to [email protected] Together we’ll evaluate the situation and see where we can help.

If you’ve referred someone there are two criteria in order to receive the €200,- bonus:
1. The candidate should have filled in your referral code when he/she has applied.
2. The candidate should have done 30 orders

Please go to the Contact Form , so we can inform you on which steps you should take to become a Freelancer.


If you are currently riding a scooter and you want to start riding your bike, please go to the Contact Form. You can continue riding with us!

If you are currently riding a bike and you want to start riding with your scooter: we need a scan of your driver’s license and a copy of your WAM-insurance. This insurance is mandatory by law. Please contact your insurance company to ensure that your insurance covers for courier services. Kindly send the documents to [email protected] As soon as we receive the documents you can start working on your scooter.

For every referral, the referrer will receive €150 and the applicant €50 on condition that the unique code has been used and 30 orders are delivered by the applicant.

Who to contact

The Live Rider Chat is to be found in the menu in the Rider App

Only in case of emergency: 0883354854.

f you’re really sick and there is no way you can make it to work please follow the next steps:

1. Call the Sickline at 088 – 335 48 33 between 09.00 – 11.00.
2. Put your shift(s) on swap.
3. If you have shifts for other days, put them on swap as well, since you don’t know when you’ll be better.

Please do this everyday that you’re sick. If you call in later than 11.00 and nobody takes your swaprequest this unfortunately will be seen as a No Show.

Please go to the Contact Form.

Please go to the Contact Form.