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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. We hope you can find the answer to your question. If you can't find it, please go to our Contact Form to get help.

Application process

Nice that you want to work as rider with Deliveroo. How? You can easily apply online, just follow the next 6 steps:

1. Apply here.
2.Watch 6 instruction video’s
3. Fill in your (company) information
4. Sign the Supplier Agreement via Docusign
5. If necessary, order rider gear from our online webshop with a great discount
6. Install the Rider App on your phone
7. Book your slots via our self-serve booking system in the Rider App.
Ready? Set? Go!

Yes you can! You can’t work with Deliveroo as a freelancer when you’re not 18 years old. However, you can work for us through payroll company JAM!. You can apply here , and will then be automatically linked to JAM!.

The moment you turn 18 years old, your contract with JAM! ends automatically. Do you want to continue your journey at Deliveroo? Please sign up via www.deliveroo.nl/apply.

Deliveroo works with freelancers that will work under a Supplier Agreement. This means that when you apply to work as a rider, you should be registered at the Chamber of Commerce and have a VAT number. As a freelance Deliveroo rider you do your own tax administration.

If you would like to let someone else do this for you, that’s no problem at all. Verloning is a third company service which will take care of your administration as a freelancer in return for a commission fee. Verloning is not part of Deliveroo, however a tool for making the life of freelancers easier.


For every order you do, you will receive a fee based on the distance of the order. Please find all information about how much you earn here.

Besides this fee, you can also receive tips at the door or in the Rider App.


An invoice will be prepared on your behalf with the amount of hours worked and the orders delivered, including tax, as agreed in the Supplier Agreement (Overeenkomst van opdracht). In order to receive your payment, we need your KvK number, address, IBAN, and VAT number. You can expect the invoice in your mailbox twice a month, always on a Tuesday, meaning you’ll receive the payment on the day after.

Every two weeks you will receive your invoice on Tuesday. This means that you will receive your payment the next day. The invoice contains all the orders you have done starting from the Monday two weeks before the invoice date until Sunday (two days before invoice date): a total of 14 days.
=> The Monday before the invoice date, will be included in the next payment period.

Incentives are extra earnings you receive on top of your earnings per order and tips. After reaching a specific target, which varies per city, you can earn some extra money. Every two weeks you receive an email from us with the up-to-date incentives along with the Roosletter, so don’t forget to check your e-mail inbox.

Did you just join Deliveroo as a new rider? Hop on your bike, do your first order and you’ll receive an activation incentive of €25,-! On top of that, you can earn an extra €50,- when you have delivered 25 orders within three weeks.

This incentive will usually be transferred to your account after a month and a half, because the period of time to collect the orders needed to get the incentive is 3 weeks. After those three weeks we can process your incentive if you have done the amount of orders needed to get it. We always pay out the activation fee at the end of the month, so if the payment date just passed, it will take two or four more weeks of your to get your incentive.

For every new rider you refer to Deliveroo, you and you buddy both receive a certain amount of money. To receive this amount, it’s important that the new rider uses your unique referral code and does 30 orders. The referral incentives varies per city and can be found in the Rider App FAQ.

Here’s how you send you unique referral link:
1. Open the Deliveroo Rider app.
2. Click on “Refer a Rider”
3. Share your unique code

You will receive this incentive one month after the riders has done the 30 orders and will be paid out together with the rest of your earnings.

Want to sign off for Referral SMSes? Fill in this your phone number here.


Safety first! The gear you use to deliver orders has to meet the safety- and quality standards of Deliveroo. You can read those in our agreement. Should you not have gear at your disposal, there’s the possibility to order this gear in our webshop Shopify. We often offer large discounts for your Deliveroo gear! You can order the basic items (backpack, thermal bag and jacket) with discount by using the code you receive in your mailbox once you get to the stage in the application process to order gear.

It is not mandatory to order gear from Deliveroo, but it does need to comply with the safety- and quality standards of Deliveroo. If you have your own gear, you can have this checked via ourContact Form. It’s important to have at least a backpack, thermal bag and jacket with reflective elements during the deliveries to ensure your health & safety on the road. But you can get our gear with discount, so why not?

If something goes wrong with your gear (e.g. zipper is broken) within the six months warranty period, please go to our Contact Form.  We will make sure you receive your new gear so you can be back on the road as soon as possible.

No panic! Go to the Contact Form to be in touch with us. Check out your Track & Trace code to see where your order is.

Please be in touch with through the Contact Form.

Please be in touch with us through the Contact Form.

When you stop working with Deliveroo you can keep your gear. Thank you for riding with us!

The Deliveroo Rider App

After you’ve signed the Supplier Agreement and you have the correct gear, we’ll send you an invitation for the Deliveroo rider app. In the Deliveroo Rider App you’ll be able to book sessions to work.

You can download the app by clicking on this link. Please note that this is only possible if you’ve already had a working app in your device.

We’ll tell you everything about booking sessions (in a video, yes!) here:

Self-serve booking

You can contact Rider Support via the Rider chat on the Deliveroo rider app. If you can’t get into the Rider App, please be in touch with us through the Contact Form.

Always make sure to log in with the phone number you initially signed up with for Deliveroo. You can request a new pin as well by clicking on the button ”request a new pin”.


As a Deliveroo rider you are covered. Please go to this page to find all information about insurances and what you need to do in case of an accident.


That’s no problem. When you apply through our apply page, you can select ‘scooter’. To ride a scooter you must be 18 years old, plus it’s mandatory to be in the possession of a (scooter) driving license and WAM- insurance. Please contact your insurance company to ensure that your insurance covers for courier services.

Scooter and E-bike riders earn the same as riders on a bike: for every order you do, you will receive € 5,- (ex. VAT). For two orders from the same restaurant, but for two different addresses (a stacked order), you will receive €3.75,- per delivery, in total € 7,50 (ex. VAT) in total.


Did you already check if you’ve filled in your KvK-number, address, VAT-number, IBAN, and BIC? If yes, you can go to the Rider Support Contact Form. If not, please send an email with the missing information.


Your tax obligations depend on how much you earn. In general Income Tax and VAT tax are applicable to most of our riders.

As an alternative for doing your own tax administration, there’s also the possibility to register at a payroll company like ‘Verloning’ (www.verloning.nl).

Please have a good look at your invoice. Most information should be provided. If you are really missing details, please go to the Rider Support Contact Form to get help.

Did you already check if you’ve filled in your KvK-number, address, VAT-number, IBAN, and BIC? If yes, you can go to the Rider Support Contact Form.

Other questions

No problem. You can change your zone easily in the Rider App.

Feel free to go on a holiday or stop working with deliveroo for a while: as often and whenever you want. You don’t need to let us know when you take some time off.