As a minor, you’ll be employed by JAM! which means you do not have to register at the KvK. You’ll receive your bonus per order and the referrals together with payment (twice a month; one at the beginning and one halfway the month). You can contact [email protected] for all questions related to contracts and payments.

The moment you turn 18 years old, your contract with JAM! ends automatically. Do you want to stay riding with Deliveroo? Please sign up via

You’ll get paid per hour. Next to your hourly pay you can receive a bonus per order. You’ll start earning this bonus when you complete more orders than the total amount of hours worked during that day.

This means if you worked three hours and completed four orders, you’ll receive a bonus per order of €1. If you do five orders then you’ll receive a total bonus of €2.

We work with two payment periods of each around two weeks (1st – 15th and 16th – end of the month). You can expect the money on your bankaccount max. two days after a payment period (weekend days not included).


We’ll tell you everything about booking sessions in a video here.


You’ll receive a bag on loan. You can order other gear via the unique link you have received in your e-mail.

Definetely! For every referral, the referral (existing rider) will receive €200 and the applicant (= new rider) €100 on condition that the unique code has been used and 30 orders are delivered by the applicant.

Feel free to go on a holiday or stop working with deliveroo for a while: as often and whenever you want. You don’t need to let us know when you take some time off.

Enjoy your time off!