Let's have drinks! @ Polly Maggoo - Tilburg op 22 juni

Leer je mede-Riders kennen met bordspelletjes en drankjes (wij trakteren!)

What's the plan?

Listen up food lovers, we had a change of plans for the rider picnic on Thursday. Since no one (at least.. that’s what we think) likes to picnic in the rain, we decided to meet up at Polly Maggoo instead, to get to know each other. Drinks and snacks will be on us. The only thing you have to do, is to take your fellow riders with you. Do you meet other riders during work or do you see a new face? Invite him or her to come with you on Thursday the 21st of June to Polly Maggoo (Korte Heuvel 10) from 15:00 till 17:00. Do you have questions or remarks? Please send an e-mail to [email protected]