En de winnaars zijn...

We were giving you the opportunity to get extra support for your charity fundraising or personal goal. A team of rowers crossing the Atlantic or on a mission to bake a mountain of cake? Nothing was too crazy to be eligible for a sponsorship.

Out of the many applicants, we selected eight projects and you were able to vote for your favorite project.

Thanks a lot for all your many votes. Here you find the two riders with the most votes and therefore the winners of this sponsorship action. You can read their story and video here!

First place €1000: Bas Wijnands

Together with a friend Bas is riding from The Hermitage in Amsterdam to the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia. They’re doing this on fully packed down bikes, with the plan of (wild) camping as much as possible along the way. The money they received for this sponsorship will be donated to the Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Hospital; the leading cancer research and treatment facility here in the Netherlands.

Second place €500: Jarno Verdonk

Jarno has launched his own project called Orbito Palo. The fundamental objective of this organization is aimed at nature conservation in the Amazon region in Ecuador. He wants to create a reserve to combat deforestation and give a safe haven to the animals and plants living within. He is also planning to construct a research centre, which will enable to start an education trajectory around sustainability.

Don’t hesitate to visit his website: www.orbitopalo.com.

Bas and his brave trip by bike to Russia

Jarno and his idealistic project to combat deforestation in Ecuador