Wat is het plan?

The game is simple;

    • Deliveroo QR codes are spread out through the city centre. Scan the code (put your phone on camera mode and pretend like your photographing the code), then follow the link to the form. If this doesn’t work on your phone, download a QR scanner first.
    • Fill in your rider ID in the Google form and look for the next code.
    • Tip: use the heat-map that we’ll provide in the next FindeROO e-mail. This heat-map will give you a global view of where the stickers are located. But the real search is for you!
    • After 48 hours all codes will be checked and counted. The rider who scanned the most codes wins!
  • The first price is a Fitbit that keeps track of all your activities!

The game starts on Thursday the 19th of July at 17:00 and ends on Saturday the 21st of July at 17:00.

All QR codes can be found in the centre of Rotterdam.

First price is a Fitbit activity tracker!