Distance Fees

What are distance fees?

Distance fees compensate riders based on the distance and effort needed to complete a delivery. This fee is related to the clustering of zones, which means that you can receive orders in the entire city. Hereby short distance orders as well as long distance orders will pop-up. You will immediately be able to see what the distances are and what compensation is offered. All the information needed to make a well informed decision to accept or reject the order

Why are we using distance fees?

We’ve noticed that customers want access to all of their favorite restaurants, meaning they want multiple choices and also want to be able to order from wherever they’re located. As we attrack more and more new customers, it can definitely happen that some orders will have a shorter or longer distance than what you’re used to. We think it’s fair that the effort that you spend on an order should be taken into account when determining the distance fees.  Meaning you will be able to f.e. deliver 4 short orders vs 2 long orders and still earn the same fee in both situations.

What is the minimum fee?

The minimum fee is the lowest amount that you’ll receive for an order with the shortest distance. The maximum fee is the highest amount that you’ll receive for an order with the longest distance. This fee is determined per zone and will continuously be optimized to reflect the changes in your delivery area.

We regularly adjust the algorithm so that orders with a longer distance remain just as interesting as orders with a shorter distance. We strive for average earnings between EUR 11 and EUR 13 per hour. You can find your earnings under ‘Earnings’ in the Rider App.

Will I continuously earn EUR 11,- to EUR 13,- an hour?

When you accept all orders during your booked sessions, the average hourly fees will vary between EUR 11,- and EUR 13,-.

If you reject orders, you’ll possibly need to wait until a new customer orders food and you get a new order popping-up.  These waiting times between rejected orders can have a definite impact on the average hourly fees.

Questions about the Rider App

It’s totally up to you which route you take – you’re the expert! However, please note that the fee is based on the route suggested in Rider App.

Questions about your earnings

The minimum delivery fee is set on a zone specific level and changes regularly to reflect changes in the area and to ensure that your earnings always remain steady. We aim for average hourly fees between EUR 11,- and EUR 13,-.

No, you accept an order by confirming the order, which indicates you will execute the order complete and correct. When the order is not being delivered, you will not receive any payment. You are always free to reject an order. Deliveroo takes care of all information necessary to decide whether you accept an order or not.

You can track your overall earnings for each delivery, day, week and month through the MyEarnings tool in app.

Yes. You are completely free to choose which deliveries you want to complete and which you would rather reject. This has no impact on your statistics.

The fee is based on a combination of the distance of the journey, as well as the time we expect it may take to complete to entire order. This is calculated specifically to your area – for example, the time it takes to travel 2KM in Rotterdam can be very different from how long it may take in Amsterdam.

We believe it is fairer to offer a fee that takes the full delivery into account:

Accepting the order + traveling to the restaurant + delivering to the customer(s)  

The calculation is based on a combination of the distance of the journey, as well as the time we expect it may take to complete.

Whether it takes you more or less time than expected, the fee will still stay the same. However, you are free to take your preferred route to complete the delivery.

If this happens, please get in touch with Rider Support so they can look into a possible compensation.

Whenever it’s busy, you may have to a wait a bit at a restaurant to receive your order. We understand that this can be inconvenient and we’re doing everything we can to work with the restaurant to minimize the waiting times as much as possible. We appreciate your patience!

Note that you can always choose to unassign yourself from a delivery if the restaurant is taking too long. If there’s a certain restaurant that repeatedly has very long waiting times, feel free to let us know!

You can continue to track your earnings through the invoice you receive each pay period – which shows how much you have made on each day you’ve worked.

You can also track your fees in-app. The in-app My Earnings tool lists all of the deliveries you have completed and the fee for each one.

You can see more details about the fee by clicking on the total amount.

Before you accept any order, you’ll see:

  • The full journey, including customer address
  • The full fee (this can change for every delivery)
  • The option to accept or reject the delivery

When you’ve been on your way to the restaurant for >10 minutes  and the customer cancels the order, you’ll get a €4 compensation. If you’re already at the restaurant, you’ll receive the full order value.

The distance fee is calculated based on the entire journey, which means that this covers the distance to the restaurant and the distance to the customer.

Yes, the total delivery fee will is ex. VAT.

We’ll explain that in the infographic below!