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Mandeep Singh - Amsterdam/Almere

It's passion to be a representative. I am actively connected with more than 60 riders on whatsapp and facebook to know there problems. I believe in three words, workhard, help-needy, spread smile. As rider representative i will be the voice of Amsterdam superriders.

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Constantin Mihaylov - Eindhoven

I want to be part of the Rider Forum to discus and see the changes for all riders.

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Lev Spanjar - Almere/Amsterdam

Start a community of riders, like it was in the old days :)

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Vivek Kumar - Utrecht/Amersfoort

I am working with deliveroo for Last 2 years . I think this experience will be helpful in order to raise riders voice.I will try my best to enhance pay rates of riders. I will always be there for you.Please vote for me!!

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Lukas Karsulis - Breda /Den Bosch / Tilburg

I made over 7K deliveries as deliveroo partner. To discuss and offer improvements for deliveroo app and all partner sides.

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Salman Malik - Amsterdam / Almere

To create a balance between delieveroo and riders. Need to be an active voice for all my fellow riders.

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Gavin Simons - Amsterdam / Almere

Cause I'm a rider

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Jappie Vermeulen - Nijmegen / Arnhem

Cause I think we can create more joyment for riders and restaurants

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Kees Berg - Breda /Den Bosch / Tilburg

I believe that direct feedback from experienced and frequent riders is crucial in improving the service per city. This is because every city is different, and most experienced riders per city have the most knowledge to improve the service and the riding experience.

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Joris Schut - Amsterdam / Almere

Because it is important to have these things so everyone gets The most profit if Riders & deliveroo communicate alot

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Amir Barzegar - Rotterdam / Delft

I think that it is necessary to have representatives from the riders who work in each city. They can be the best people who can discuss the issues that riders faced in that specific cities.

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Dion Hanewald - Amsterdam / Almere

As a rider in Almere, I know what happens on quiet days and busy days. Maybe you saw me cycling and nodding when we crossed paths, maybe we talked a bit about our work. However, I want to take this opportunity to represent riders in Almere and let their voices be heard. Riders can approach me at any given time for new ideas or small talk. If I would become part of the rider forum, I would like to bring forth new ideas and discuss them with other riders.

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Rudy Evertsz - Utrecht / Amersfoort

I want to add knowledge and expertise to further the community

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Martijn Müller - Nijmegen / Arnhem

Over the last 2 years I've helped build the Rider community in Nijmegen to something that we can all be proud of. I've also worked to improve Rider relationships with restaurants. Next year I will work hard to help things in Nijmegen become even better, but also to improve conditions in Arnhem.

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Sandeep Gupta - Utrecht / Amersfoort

As being an active Deliveroo Rider for almost 1 and half year and having analogous work experience, I feel, I would be able to contribute significantly to the Deliveroo Rider Representatives’ position and would be able to meet the expectations to such a responsible position. In the past, I have represented the Indian Forging Industry at different global platforms and having this background, I would be in a position to make suitable representation and perform accordingly. Following are the few relevant functions which were performed by me in my earlier organization I worked for and I feel this makes me suitable for this position.
• Represented the Indian Forging Industry on the Global platform during the “Asiaforge Representative Meeting” at Tokyo, Japan and in “Forgefair” in the United States of America.
• Provide relevant information to individuals and groups and to ensure that high-quality standards are maintained in all communications with the public and the stakeholders.
• Maintain the confidentiality of the data wherever required and getting approved from the respective body before presenting it to the Press, media or any external agency.
• Independently handle the Administrative and Secretarial functions, drafting letters on behalf of the President, Correspondence, Travel arrangements, Vendor Management and General Office Administration.
• Liaise with companies to regularly gather data about the industry assimilate the same and present it to the Committee.
• Responsible for arranging meetings, conferences, seminars, training programs etc. executing flight bookings, visa documentation, finalizing the venue, negotiation with the Hotels regarding banquets, room reservations and other incidentals.
• Responsible for preparing, editing and publishing the Association’s Directories/Newsletters at periodical intervals.
• Convene the Annual General Meeting and meetings of the Committee as required and directed, prepare the Agenda therefore, minute the discussions and circulate the same to participants after obtaining the approval of the President.
• Interaction with the Press, media and any other external agency, if required, only after obtaining prior consent of the President and abide by the guidelines given in this regard.
• Establish linkages with International Forging Associations and periodically update members about events and developments.
• Preparation and execution of delegations of Indian forging units to events, seminars and conferences within India and foreign countries.
As an ambitious and outgoing participant, my goal will be to ensure the representation of my peers, and broaden the communication between the riders and the Deliveroo as an organization. So far in my life, I have learnt that thoughtful listening is the key to the success and the same is very much applicable to this position as I intend to be a voice of representation rather than an individual entity. My intentions are to incorporate our ideas and ensure our contributions to make positive changes. In the same light, it is just as important for my fellow Riders to be aware of the opportunities and changes occurring around us.
We are all proud to be part of Deliveroo and as such, we all have an inherent calling to contribute and communicate. It would be my privilege to have the opportunity to both facilitate our esteemed organization in making the critical decisions based on the input of my constituents as well as ensuring the proper communication of those decisions.
I look forward to the prospect of being involved actively in the Deliveroo community and helping shape its future with your support and inputs.
Thank you.

Warm Regards,
Sandeep Gupta

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Radoslav Georgiev - Breda /Den Bosch / Tilburg

"Dear fellow riders,

I started working at Deliveroo a little bit after Deliveroo started to operate in Breda city. Its been already more than 2 years since I made my first delivery. I saw a lot of difficulties, positive moments and I experienced different situations which were always discussed with friends inside and outside Deliveroo.
Almost everyday I am having small chats with riders and I get the felling of the overall situation in Breda.
I can definitely speak from the point of view of all the riders and talk about topics like:
- Happiness (riders)
- Satisfaction (riders)
- Negative attitude (restaurants)
- Long waiting time (restaurants)
- Payment (riders)
- Quality of delivery (riders)
- Equipment difficulties (riders)
- Rider support issues (riders)
- No riders available issues (restaurants)
- Safety (riders)
- No orders issues (riders)
- More "

Pooria Imani - Breda /Den Bosch / Tilburg

I'm the oldest ongoing rider in Tilburg. I work full-time. I'm not always social but I know the community, most of the riders and restaurant staff. I have a great understanding of current issues, improvements and rider concerns. I am easy to talk to and regularly chat with other riders and hear them out. I believe the company can greatly benefit from the experience and understanding I can provide. I am extremely motivated and obsessed with this company and will go the extra mile to be communicative and be the voice for my city.

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Lucas Ebbeling - Utrecht / Amersfoort

Because I think, and my fellow riders in AMF, things need to be changed, because we all think of quitting Deliveroo

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Max Glaser - Eindhoven

For the past two years I've been hard at work to improve rider satisfaction and help riders with their issues or questions. I'd like to continue doing this so we can make sure that working for Deliveroo is not only fun, but also worth your time.

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Ivan Marcel - Utrecht / Amersfoort

I would like to be part of the Rider Forum, because I want to be the voice of my city and colleagues. Since we're a lot of foreigners who work with Deliveroo, I want to make ourselves heard. I think it's very important to have somebody to represent the foreigners of this city. I know I can improve our community. Alongside with all my colleagues who enjoy and take this job seriously.

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Laurens van Wijk - Utrecht / Amersfoort

After 3 years as a Deliveroo rider, I have lots of ideas for advancing the work experience and interests of our rider community.

Na 3 jaar fietsen voor Deliveroo, wil ik me nu graag inzetten om Deliveroo voor alle riders te verbeteren.

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Mohammad Ashraful Hasan (RUMIO) - Rotterdam / Delft

"To care To share and To raise the feelings of the riders to the authority is my moto so that we all riders together can provide better service and make Deliveroo the top food delivery company in Nederland. I planned myself to have meetings with the fellow riders before going to the meeting with the authority if I am elected so that I have better views of the questions and concerns of the riders And we all together will fill our work environment with joy ...
#Deliveroo <3

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